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Welcome to Ed's web site.  The purpose of this site is to lift up and encourage those hungering and thirsting after the WORD of GOD. It is also a warning to the comfortable saints that there is coming a separation of those who will serve Him and those who won't.  The LORD has birthed in me these letters for the Church and they are a prophetic word.  Don't think that these letters are solely because of diligent study of the scriptures and prayer, although this is part of it.  Any one who would desire a good thing such as a high calling must be willing to pay the price.  To want to be like Jesus is to identify with His suffering, which means an almost total rejection by those you have been sent to help.  One must also be willing to sit alone with Him Learning to know Him not just to know and speak His Name.

I would like to share something about my self.  I always knew the LORD in my religion, but it wasn't until 1976 that the LORD revealed Himself to me in a greater and more glorious way.  I was like the prodigal son.  In Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A), my peers called me "Ed the Plumber, Plumb Crazy."  At that time I had run my course of rebellion until I finally give up.  Now in Christiandom, where I am known, I believe people are still saying I'm crazy.  I did not finish high school, but I did serve an apprenticeship and went to night school.  I have no Bible school training.  I am the LORD'S workmanship, any praise or credit for good that comes forth from me and my ministry belongs to JESUS.  A Short Biography and Pic.of Ed. J. Hintz

I would recommend, if you are in a hurry , to read letters one and eight.  They will give you a good insight into what the LORD is saying to His bride.  You may notice in my first letter,  that I spell out my full name.  I'm not trying to be egotistical.  I would like to believe that the LORD had a part in naming me.  The first name, Edward, means "faithful steward."  John means "God's grace."  Finally, if you put a c before Hintz, you have chintz.  Chintz is a cloth of many colors, which reminds me of the coat of Joseph and also of David's daughter Tamar.  11 Samuel 13 : 18 say's "And she had a garment of various colors upon her, for such robes were worn by the King's daughters, who were virgins."

Now that I've have said all that, I have further extortion.  I know through experience, that the LORD is purging with fire the dross that is in our lives.  Some examples of dross are a critical spirit, backbiting, finger pointing, pride and so forth.  When the LORD turns a saint towards his ministry, he will have a pure heart and clean hands so that satan cannot get an advantage over the LORD'S servant.

Restaurant Dream. 11/26/06 enter

New Word
12/17/05  "TILL WE MEET AGAIN   enter

A word  from the Lord God  while in prayer.  Feb. 2004
Lk.12:32, "Fear  not little flock it is your Fathers good  pleasure to give  you the kingdom"
To raign and rule with Jesus ,  The overcomers of Revelation Ch. 2&3
ZION =The Bride of Jesus Christ
Sept. 20 2001 Why Does God Alow Diasters To Happen  Enter

Aug. 1 2001- A Window of Repentance for America and the Church  Enter here
God Has Aready Blessed America Now Is The Time For America To Bless God And Repent Of Her Idolatry.

In August 99, while I was in prayer, the LORD spoke to me this word. "Great fear to come upon the church. Chastisement upon the disobedient. Seriousness required.
The Spirit of Murder and Insurrection 1/14/01 ENTER

Yom Kippur 10/9/00  A word from the LORD while in prayer.  The false doctrinal platform that the church would stand on in this hour will be like standing on a trap door of a hangman's gallows  with a noose around the neck.  The trap door is getting ready to be sprung.  Be sure that these doctrines of devils will bring death.
The Economy.  A word of the Lord about the economy of those in Christ and the economy of the U.S.A. ENTER
Vision of the Authority of the Overcomer Enter

Following is the list of letters that the Lord has given me to share with you.

<>Letter One: The Church Age is Dead
Letter Two: Time of Restoration Acts 3:21
Letter three: The Lord Sits Upon the Circle of the Earth-Isaiah 19:10
 Letter Four: The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy-Rev.19:10
 Letter Five: Blessing or Curse, Life or Death, Which Will You Choose? Deut.30:19
 Letter Six: The Midnight Cry-Matt.25:6
  Letter Seven: The Three Salvation's
 Letter Eight:The Day of Thy Watchman and Thy Visitation Cometh-Micah 7:4
  LetterNine:JesusChrist or AntiChrist,WhoWill You Serve?
  Judgment of America in letter #9
Letter 10: Repent For the Kingdom of Heven is at Hand
 Word of the Lord on Sukkoth 10/8/06.
Letter11 A New Covenant I Will Make With The House of Israel and the House of Judah
Sequel to Letter 11  Abraham's Children  Eenter

Doctrinal Teachings by E.J.H.

Three Days and Three Nights in the Heart of the Earth     enter

The Foal of an Ass is the Rebellious Sinner, and Or the Backsliding Saint   enter


Prophetic Dreams And Visions

  New Prophecies. By Pat Gregory. Calm Before The Storm . & I Will Show You MY Ways.
3/27/00 The Spirit of Elijah Being Released by Pat Gregory.  Open Here
Pat Gregery Bio.  enter

Vision of the Orchard by Mark Wattenford
Glory cloud descend

Prophetic Teaching For The Church Of Jesus Christ

My Beliefs About The Continuance of The Offices of Apostles And Prophets In This Move of the Holy Spirit. [enter]
An Apostle's Calling (enter)
A Voice Crying In The Wilderness (enter)
The Father's Message to the Maturing Bride    A Commentary of the Song of Solomon.  And other writings by Jim Rinker
Spiritual Authority
Concerning Apostles and Prophets
Outer Court Ministry
The Spirit of Elijah
Requirements for Discipleship
Fulness of Time
Going On To Maturity
Jim's Address & Phone#
Laying Hold of our Inheritance

Roland J. Stoller & Mildred L. Stoller demonstrating a gentle Spirit of Christ
Guardian Ambassador by Roland J. Stoller {enter}
Friendship in Marriage by Mildred L. Stoller {enter}
Spiritual Authority of Women in the Church and Ministries
By Debra Fields and Pat Gregory and Brenda Imus and others as the Lord leads
Debra Fields Prophetic Teachings              Pat Gregory Prophetic Poetry
Spiritual Authority of Women River Coming Forth
Spiritual Authority in the Church Step Into The River
I've Read The Bible All My Life Enter In To The Lord's Glory
Witchcraft In The Church Chosen Servants
Process of Growth of the Believer by Debra

Brenda Imus Male Female Role In The Word

Comments by Ed Hintz about Women in Christ and those humble Saints that have been rejected by the Politicly correct in the Church. 

I  fully concur with my sisters on this subject read Gal. 3:28.  This is the word the Lord gave me in 92.   "As I have prophesied in Isa.40:4 every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low, so shall I bring the daughters of zion up from being put down by the religious spirit that has been oppressing them in the institutional church and give them a place of equality with the sons of God and will share equally in the ministry and inheritance of Jesus Christ " and the same time I was given to understand that this word also included our Black Brothers and Sisters.

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