The Spirit of Elijah Being Released

I received the following word yesterday morning, and I submit it to you all.
Hallelujah, God is going to glorify Himself in ways we've not seen as yet.
Blessings and love in Christ,

The Spirit of Elijah Being Released

This morning while getting ready to run some errands, the Holy Spirit began
speaking to me.  He said, the day is upon you, upon my servants, which has
been long awaited.

The physics of the day are at the forefront, deceiving and being deceived.
They flaunt their powers to the world claiming they know secret things, the
hidden things.  I declare they know nothing.  They prophesy lies to intrigue
and entice.  They are ensnared by the words of their mouths.  They have risen
to a position of popularity in the world, cunning and crafty, snatching souls
into the grip of the enemy.

Just as it was in the days of Moses, my servant, when I sent him unto
Pharaoh, and Pharaoh's wizards and sorcerers put on display their falsehoods,
demonstrating trickery, professing to be wise, they became fools.

And just as it was in the days of Elijah, when I sent him to Ahab and all the
false prophets rose to prominence at Jezebel's command, prophets of Baal,
prophesying lies, whose end was death.

My prophets were sent to confront the evil reign of their day, and destroy it
by the power of my word.  Mighty men of faith, trusting me with their very
lives, in the face of opposition, they became bold in my strength.

Throughout the generations, evil has rose to great proportions, but only for
a time, only for a season.  Just as now, the magnitude of the voice of the
evil one has gained in notoriety and is commonplace amongst the people.

Now shall I release unto my servants the spirit of Elijah.  You shall walk in
a greater level of anointing than you've known, a greater level of power than
you've known, a greater level of authority than you've known, a greater level
of discernment than you've know.  Expect it!  I have prepared you for such a
time as this, and the time is now that it shall come forth upon my prophets
and my servants.

Many of you are being sought out even now, just as in the days of old, with
one hearing a word, and then tells, there is a prophet over there who can
tell you the words of God.  This is just the beginning.  Many shall come to
you seeking answers, seeking direction, seeking a word.  Stay ready and
expect it!  I shall give you the words to speak.  Declare my words, prophesy
my words, shout them from the housetops.

It is confrontation time.  It is time for my prophets, my servants to rise to
the forefront, confronting the false prophets, the psychics, the witches and
wizards.  Do not back down and do not fear, for I am with you, just as I was
with Moses and Elijah.  I will not leave you, and I will show forth my power
in even greater measure than that in days of old.  You cannot understand it's
magnitude, but I say unto you, receive it.  Walk in faith, hearkening to my
words, and allow me to demonstrate my greatness through you and before you.
I will confirm my words out of your mouths with signs and wonders the world
has never known.  The things I've placed in your hearts that you've only
dreamed of, shall now come forth and you shall walk in it.

Just as I brought to nought the sorcerers and soothsayers, the wizards and
false prophets, exposing their lies and the deceitfulness of their hearts, so
shall I do again.  The enemy was permitted for a time to flaunt his lying
wonders, but only for a season and for a reason.

Now I shall flow through you, my prophets, with the spirit of Elijah upon
you, to demonstrate my power in the earth, with mighty manifestations, signs
and wonders eye hath not seen.  Expect miracles!  Expect signs and wonders!
Expect the phenomenal!  I say to you, expect it!  I shall plunder the enemy's
camp, and free my people from bondage, with a strong hand.  I will once again
show myself as the one and only true God, who loves His creation.

My church shall once again be a lighthouse to the hurting and broken, the
bruised and beaten.  They will hear that there's bread in the house, and come
to eat and live.  I will take the yoke of bondage from off their necks, and
it shall be destroyed because of the anointing.

Seek me, press into me, hearkening to my every word, with diligence, as a
soldier awaiting the call to launch out for war.  I AM the Lord your God, and
I say to you, rise up as mighty men of valor, and move out in the spirit of
Elijah, for I release it unto you this day.

Blessings and love in Christ,