September 21, 1999 10:55 AM
Subject:  Apostles & Prophets
Dear Saints

Refer to my statement about the proclaiming of the restoration of these afore mentioned offices.   (Referring to recent articles circulating in prophetic circles about Apostles & Prophets)  Question.  If the church age is being phased out and the Kingdom age is at hand, why should we be looking to the old wine skins, when Jesus is bringing forth a new wine?  I could have started a church a long time ago and built a good reputation in the religious realm and got in with these brothers that are in the prophetic web ring circle.
(Instead),I chose by the grace of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit to be set aside in a lonely place so as to be set free from what ever would hinder my hearing and seeing what was in the heart of our God. These brothers are saying the same thing we are to an extent, but I believe they veer off when they try to revive the old order.  Consider what Paul said in Hebrews Chapter 5 about the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek. We are being made over into the same image of Jesus with the sufferings to perfect us to minister to others.

The old will coexist along with the new until the new is completely established and then the old will be discarded.  Example: II Samuel 3:1.  I have been shown already that I will be met with opposition for the things that I will say will undermine a lot of present ministries doctrines.  In 1995 I was prophesied over and this is what was said. "You are a plowman and will plow straight furrows and plant seed. The earth will welcome the plowman."  I expect I will plow across some one else's furrows and I don't think they will be overjoyed with that.
There is also a word going forth in the prophetic realm that there will be a change in leadership or the passing of the baton to a new group of runners.  These Saints will represent Jesus with all offices of   Eph. 4:11 functioning through them.  Some will say these are Wild Fires or loose canon balls.  When these called out ones come forth they will come forth in the image of their Father Jesus being led by His Holy Spirit because they know His voice and will obey Him.  Consider Prov.30 : 27, "The locusts have no king yet go they forth all of them by bands."  Here we see the Wisom of our God to create an insect with the ability to unite and even with one purpose know their objective.  How much more should we have the ability to be united and with one heart and purpose (to do the will of God) Because we can have direction from the king of kings who sits on his Throne in the Heart of the Beleiver  

A Dream

A dream I had a long time ago just came to mind it has to do with what I have been saying.  I was traveling on a highway (walking) and I came upon two men.  One was in a business suit and holding a bible. I asked him did he know what direction we needed to take to get to the Kingdom of God. (We were at a cross road)
He said he knew but some how I had a inward knowing that he did not know.  The other man was dressed in a gray uniform (gray stands for rebellion) He had no understanding of what I was talking about.  So I continued on in the direction that I knew was the way that I was to go.   End of dream.


The suit and tie brother was  in the religious  prophetic circles. The brother dressed in gray was the rebellious religious church that has no understanding of what Jesus is doing in this day.  A lot of our brothers in the prophetic realm are looking at things through the natural eyes and not with a spiritual eye. They have not really entered into the full faith realm of living by every word that Jesus speaks.  This can and will be attained by these brothers...  by fire.    I've said enough.

Your Brother in Christ  E. J. Hintz