Vision of the Authority of the Overcomer

"I saw a pearl handled pocket knife, a green coin purse with coins in it, a ring in a green ring box. Then to my right I saw a open check book, and along side of it was another green ring box with a gold ring in it. The ring was made of yellow gold band with a square sardonyx stone set in the ring. The color was of a marble with a brownish red and white cameo effect. I wanted to keep what I had found but I thought I ought to look for the owner of these things. I said the name of the owner is on the check book.

" INTERPRETATION " The pearl handle knife, the pearl handle represents the Kingdom of God Mt.13: 44, be willing to sell all you have to purchase it (not salvation) to enter in Rev. 21:21(bride of Christ). The blade of the knife is the cutting edge The Word of God. The green purse is a coin purse that holds silver dimes(Silver represents salvation)10 cent pieces which represents the purchase for each individual saint. Exodus 30: 13, a half a silver shekel (10 Gerahs) was ordered by God to be paid by each Israelite as a ransom for his soul.  Unless we abide in Jesus Jn. 15:4 we shall not bear fruit. These silver 10 cent pieces represent souls won to Christ through or tesamony.
Green means new life. The purse is sealed but Jesus will give these souls to the ones that do His will. The first ring is our engagement or espousal to Jesus. Like Joseph was to Mary before they came together, Mt.1:18, also 11Cor.1:22, "God hath also sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.
The second ring is the wedding ring or marriage of Jesus to his Bride. The sardonyx gem represents the 12 tribes of Israel which were written on the sardonyx stone that the High Priest wore on the shoulder of the Ephod. The shoulders and the names of the 12 tribes represent the goverment of God, and Jesus is the Head.
The open check book is the authority or power of attorney of the bride of Jesus Christ to share His power that He received from the Father. Mt. 28:18, and then to us Rev. 3:21. Those saints who would desire to attain this authority will have to seek God with their whole being. End of interpretation.
I will add this statement, there will be a marriage supper of the Lamb on this earth because there is coming shortly the marriage of Jesus to His Bride. Read Isaiah 25 and rejoice For when the wicked are weeping we shall be praising God in the Fires and like Shadrack Meshack and Abednego we will be set free from the power of sin and death because the Son of God has redeemed us from destruction by His precious blood
Have no fear Jesus is always near.
Bro. Ed Hintz 8-27-99