Elementary Principles Or Going on To Maturity
 Brothers and Sisters,
Some things come to mind concerning the elementary principles which I would like to expound on.

1. Elementary principles are "foundational" (obviously).
2. We don't "move from them" (only in emphasis) but rather build upon them.
3. The building is only as strong as the foundation.

One of the "schemes" of the enemy in this hour is to get the church to "build" before the foundation is sure. Now this is on both the individual as well as corporate level. What we see in the body of Christ right now is much "activity" in which both individuals and churches have failed through neglect, ignorance, and apathy to build that "foundation" of elementary principles" into their individual lives. This in turn has opened wide the door to the "sensationalism" and "hypism" we are seeing sweep across the body especially in the "cutting edge" (in their mind(s) anyhow) charismatic churches.

Those who are taking the time to build "on the ROCK" or NOT hearing  the great swelling words from the mouth of the Father that many others "think" they are hearing and that many "prophets" and "apostles" are actively preaching. Rather, the heart cry of the Father has been and always will be to lead the individual into the holy place were Jesus through the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit is our apostle, prophet, teacher, guide, high priest, King and FRIEND. As we come into this "right relationship" with the King we are then brought into "true unity" with others who abide and reside in the holy place who are likewise fellowshiping and communing with Jesus. The "kniting together" happens as we choose to walk "in the Spirit" and abide "in heavenly places". As we as individual CHOOSE to enter in, our unity in the faith (Eph 4:11) is automatic with others who likewise choose to be lead to maturity.

Disunity (strife, division, discord) is a product of POSITIONALLY remaining in the outer court were Jesus is NOT King and the illumination is NATURAL. Deception is a natural product were Jesus is not Lord and the illumination is not from the Hloy Spirit (Matthew 24). This happens as an individual is content on remaining in the outer court either through their own ignorance or neglegence. The responcibility, however,  is ALWAYS personnal!!! Yes we know that satan is blinding eyes and sending "angels of light"  but God has made the way so we will either walk in it or remain deceived. Perhaps satans greatest deception is to get a person to believe they have entered in when in reality they still are abiding in the outer court. Many are truly in this position.

So the vast majority of the church abides in the outer court while relatively few have really entered into the holy place and I do not believe anyone has yet entered into the holy of holies. The Lord will corporately take us to the "feast of tabernacles" (holy of holies) at a specific place and time. The outer court will shortly not exist (Rev 11:1-2) as the call for true worshipper to enter in is ringing louder and louder. The outer court is destined to be given over to the gentiles to be trodden underfoot. The remaining "church" who resides in that holy place will then be brought into the holy of holies as ONE!

So as "faithful ministers" in His house He is looking for a "new breed" (not really new at all but rather new as in different) of leaders who will not set themselves as a 'prophet" or a "teacher" or an "apostle"  for or over ANYONE but rather they will use their calling, gifting, and revelation to lead those in the outer court to THE PROPHET, TEACHER, and APOSTLE, and as they are lead to Him they will no longer be tossed to and fro with every "wind of doctrine" which fills the outer court but rather will stand FIRM on the ROCK of the elementary principles which are not ADULTERATED or PERVERTED by the outer court teachers and prophets. These will truly be taught how to gather the PURE WORD FOR THEMSELVES and not "spoon fed" by someone who thinks they are doing God a favor by setting themself up as a teacher. God is robbed of His RIGHT and  privledge of being another personsguide and teacher when this is done.

See, the TRUE ROCK OF REVELATION is the PURE WORD. A foundation that is not weakened by mixture or perversion. A mixture that if we who are mature would peer into our own hearts would have to admit we are capable ourselves of giving to another brother or sister. But, if we rather simply show another how to get fresh water for themselves then their foundation will be strong and without mixture or perversion because our hope is in HIS ABILITY to reveal and not OUR ABILITY to minister.

And here lies the key issue. Who is going to lead the deceived outer courter to Jesus and not their doctrine, teaching, or understanding? Who is going to be a SIGN and not point to themselves (their calling, gifting, or understanding) but rather use that which the Lord has given us as a TOOL to point out the pathway that leads to Jesus in that holy place in the wilderness? Are we willing to give "tokens" of revelation that will wet the appetite of the hungry then point them to the source so they can mine the treasure for themselves or will we continue the circle of presuming we are called to teach and dish out the food to the masses? And who among us is wise enough to understand that this is one of the real issues that plagues the church today and HINDERS the masses from finding the pathway and entering in (1 Corinthians 3)?

So a new breed is what the Lord is calling for, clothed in robes of humility who have complete understanding and wisdom. Who know when to give a token and when to remain silent. Who know what a person needs and what they don't. And most importantly who know were the battle lies and how to lead a hungry soul to the holy place without being "entangled" by the affairs of this world (outer court religion) and who will not take part in the religious system that seeks to set up their own kingdom in the outer court that blinds and hinders the bride from entering in.

A new breed. Getting the bride to STAND on the elementary principles so that she may be brought to maturity.

Some things to think on.

In His Love


 We pray that these messages are a blessing to you and
your family and that they help reveal the Fatherís Heart as you continue
to press into His kingdom.

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