A Voice Crying in theWilderness

I want to scream from the rooftops that the "leaders" Jesus chose were
perceived as "ignorant and unlearned men". Moses was reluctant, and did
not really want the "job". The best Isaiah could say was "woe is me for I
am undone, because I am a man of unclean lips." Jeremiah would proclaim,
"Ah, Lord God, behold, I cannot speak; for I am a child." Daniel stood
before the Lord.....falling on his face, seeing "all his comeliness turn
into corruption before him", Paul would declare, "For we are the
circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus

Many there are, capable men and women, mighty, noble, wise men after the
flesh, who have taken positions other mighty and wise have awarded them,
places of authority, places of admiration, high places with titles and
material reward. Some even with calling cards, pronouncing themselves
"Father", "Reverend", even "Apostle" and "Prophet". These appointed as
"rulers of Israel"......these dressed in clerical garb, standing as "Holy"
before men.....oh, how my heart breaks and fears for them. These contend
with me, confuse me, stiff necked they are......I walk away, sad that they
cannot hear me. I stand before My Father....to ask of Him......."this is
my beloved Son, hear ye him.....embrace your cross and follow in His

Oh, children of the free, all of heaven is appointing new apostles,
prophets and pastors. Oh if I could tell you of these who are the chosen
of Heaven, who this minute are to be found in wilderness places listening
to the voice of their Beloved. These have no desire of their own to be
prophets, apostles, and pastors. These have no mouths of their own to
speak, and no programs that form in their carnal minds. These few are on
their knees, weeping, wrestling with angels, wanting only to know and
possess the Heart of God. These sold out ones seek no reputation, will
produce no teaching tapes, they will write no books, hold no conventions,
and claim no copyrights. These will initiate no building programs, take no
collection, wear no clerical robes, nor drive fancy cars. These will claim
no rights, have no bodyguards, nor seek protection by carnal means. These
will love not their own lives, even unto death, and they know their Jesus
and the power of his resurrection.......and glory, glory, glory, the gates
of hell will not prevail against them. These will be acquainted with
grief, sorrow, and suffering......yet these will find great inner joy, and
be found rejoicing to suffer shame for His name, and indeed they will
suffer greatly. These dear ones, bound to their heavenly home, citizens of
the New Jerusalem, and lost in their High Priest, Jesus.....of whom this
world is not worthy. Few.......I say it again, FEW will recognize them as
being a voice from Heaven.

Oh Father.......to see communities, cities, whole nations, turned
up-side-down....all I wish is to witness the Glory of God, to worship Him,
to stand in His presence. To see abortion clinics, bars, gambling houses
and smut peddlers facing depression and closing cause their customers have
found the Master and have been transformed. To see the puzzled looks on
the faces of these sophisticated, these educated, wise and noble, when
they look upon those chosen of the Lord. All the while, I would be
content, just to kneel in the presence of Jesus, with hands lifted toward
heaven, rejoicing as the multitudes become as little children, running
toward the Savior. Just let me be in the shadows, a lowly doorkeeper,
unnoticed......watching as those chosen, the broken ones, the outcasts,
those who men would never approve, yet filled to overflowing with the fire
and authority of Heaven, ministering unto the Lord.

Oh, these dying ones, whom God has anointed, will confound the wise and
prudent. These broken and contrite ones will stand before the Lord in
weakness, and in fear and trembling. They will speak forth the Wisdom of
Heaven in demonstration of the Spirit and of Power, as men, women and
children will fall on their faces before God. Oh, my inner man is aflame!
Let us pray for these in hiding.....as they are being prepared to come
forth. Let us weep between the porch and the alter.....till they can say
no more...."Where is their God?"

Oh, this fire that burns within tells me we have seen nothing of HIS
manifest presence. Many who claim the "baptism" would not even turn
"Simon's" head for a second look, for this "new creation" is rare, indeed.
The Life of Jesus is manifest in so few, and I hunger and thirst.....not
to know men "after the flesh", but to know and fellowship with the Spirit
of Christ, this "treasure" that longs to fill earthen vessels. I wait, I
rest under the apple tree where His shadow covers me, and His Fruit is
sweet to my taste, anticipating the day I will hear Him speak......"come
with me, join with these who are my bride, these children of promise."

just another voice in the wilderness