Vision of the Orchard by Mark Wettenford

4:45 am January 1, 1999
    In the spirit I found myself on my knees in an orchard. There was darkness in the orchard, but as I looked upwards as it sloped I could see beyond the orchard a plowed field. Above the plowed field I saw Christ above it in the air, but close. I turned to the orchard and saw that the ground had overgrown with weeds and it was choking the trees that were in the orchard. I saw fruit on the trees, but the fruit was bitter and not really fit to eat. I asked the Lord for understanding and the Lord asked me what I perceived. I said, the orchard is the traditional church, each tree a different church or denomination. I saw that the weeds and underbrush of the orchard were things that were “allowed” to come and grow within the church. They were things not of God. They were traditions of men, new age doctrines, psychology and many things replacing Gods’ word and everything that was let into the church that just was not from God. The trees also represented all
individual Christians in their personal life. I wept and cried out to God, that of our own strength we cannot be holy and cried for Him to help the Orchard. Then I turned around and looked behind me and saw that the orchard was very large and stretched out for a long way behind me and it was all overgrown and all the fruit was bitter and my heart sank. As I perceived the trees to be churches I asked the Lord to make it so they would bare fruit that was not bitter, but then He pointed behind me to look again. I saw many people emerging from the orchard... it seemed as though they were coming out of the trees themselves. Then the Lord said... “There will not be many trees as you see here, for I am come that there may be one tree that is in me. You see these that come, are coming out of all the different denominations that have divided my body, but now I am calling them and I shall have but one body, and they will be of one mind and of one Spirit.” As
these that were being called came out and were proceeding toward the Lord I saw each tree as a church then become even worse. The fruit was not just bitter, but now was becoming foul on the branch; rotting as it hung. Then the trees began to quickly decay and rot before my eyes and crumble. And the Lord said, “These that I call out of these churches being of pure heart and a desire after my heart is the only reason these trees had any life in them at all, because of there presence these churches survived, but have not born any good fruit. I am calling them out now to prepare them as my bride and these trees ( churches ) shall rot away and become not just trees with bitter fruit, but foul and rotten and will crumble in this time.” A third time He pointed behind me and I saw the people coming that were being called out and I saw the glory of the Lord descend upon them. The Lord said, “I shall anoint them even as they come out and walk toward me. I will open their eyes and in this time shall they truly know and understand the unity I desire
in my body.” I asked God to tell me more and He said, “In this time I will also purify the praises that rise up before me. I shall bring forth a true spirit of praise upon my people and this will allow them to enter into the holiness of my spirit. I shall turn from the praises of men and the flesh and listen to it no more.” I saw people of all ages coming, even little children. As they started to come the light came over them. They entered into praise, praise in the spirit and for a time I saw just praise before God. Then like an explosion it looked as though the praise offered up ripped open Heaven and light and glory poured out, but not like a flow... more like a sudden “dumping” out on the earth. Then I saw the spirit and glory and light of God cover the earth and souls were being brought into the light of God in such large numbers. The word of God that came forth was pure and not polluted or mixed with things not from God. I saw the apostles standing in their place and
I saw the prophets standing in there place. The Light and Glory of God was so strong that it seemed to make our past, and the lives we had lived before like a dream. The faulty and frail walk we had before was now a strong, clear and pure walk before God. What I saw to be the continuing power of this Light remaining was the continuing pure worship of God that went on. In this praise as it was pure it brought forth pure prayer as part of its results. As I watched many praise I saw the Holy Spirit reveal the true needs of each individual and the needs of others as the Holy Spirit brought forth a clear and strong understanding of the real needs of others in intercessory prayer. I watched more... and then saw ALL the gifts come forth working in the Spirit of God and kept pure by the pure praises offered up to God. And I heard God say, “I will open wide the eyes of discernment in my people and no longer shall they be taken by lies.” Then I saw that things, doctrines and beliefs that used to hold people captive were no longer effective
against Gods’ people because discernment became so strong in them that false doctrine was seen for what it really is because the Light of God was so strong on the people of God and on the earth that darkness was easily seen. It looked and appeared as a black shadow, a black presence and I saw those who said they were saved, but were not and were covered with this blackness as well. The children of God clearly shone with a light and those deceived walking another path were encased in a blackness and no light was in them or coming from them. These were those who say
there are many roads that lead to God and were taking another road, not the road through the death of Christ as offered up for us before the Father. Then the Lord said... come further... and we went further, forward a little in time. And I saw angels appearing to men and I saw that it was wide spread and seemed as I looked on the faces of the people they were appearing to as though it had become a normal event. I saw in Heaven and in Earth what seemed to be such great activity, angels going back and forth between Heaven and Earth and the people of God reaping in a harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God. The Lord said, “Look to your side”, and I turned and saw a hideous, fierce woman with the face of a beast with sharp teeth and claws for hands and she
sought to kill any and all she could of the people of God. The Lord then said, “This shall be the spirit of those who have not entered into me and have not come out from the bondage of the doctrines of demons, those who even profess my name, but who have not entered into my spirit and have been born of me. They shall become fierce like a beast and will persecute and test my people, but only as I allow. They cannot harm our touch my people in this time except I allow it. Therefore, if they persecute you in this time, know that it is I that allow it and greater shall be your reward. I tell you the end of the age is at hand. Encourage one another and look up and rejoice, for your redemption truly is near. Rejoice, for this is a time the prophets have longed to see, and rejoice for even the marriage supper of the Lamb has been set.”

Mark Wattenford

FireFighters For Christ