Biography of Ed J. Hintz


My next birthday is on Nov. 99 I will be 68 years old. I wondered around in the wilderness of this world for 40 years. I took comfort and shelter in a beer can. Listen to any alcoholics testimony and you have then heard mine. Rebellion was my middle name. Thank God I went through what I did in the world, because when I got ready to come out of it I was determined not to return. I left the old man in the world and put on the new man in Christ Jesus. The same zeal I had for sin was reversed towards righteous living. It was a joyful event when Jesus revealed His love for me. Today I have a new life in Christ because I was willing to die to self.

I have a wonderful wife of almost 30 years. We have raised 7 children. Mine, hers, ours. I was able to raise our youngest daughter because I lost my job as maintenance man in 83. My unbridled zeal for the Lord got me fired. So I became a househusband. I learned many things and one of them was to appreciate what a housewife has to put up with. The first thing I learned though this setting aside was that in order to get a perfume out of some roses is to crush them. The same employer that fired me hired my wife and put her through nursing school free. Romans 8:28. We had to maintain our personal lives, but the Lord used this to teach us to trust in Him. I have been down that road of churchianity, legalistic and self righteous, and works programs. The Lord is looking for that one new man and Iím looking forward to being apart of and in Him. God Bless And Keep You in Him. Brother Ed Hintz.