Pat Gregory
Step Into The RIVER

Come, step into the river
pouring forth from my throne
cleansing, equipping, empowering
those who are called my own.

I am the river
flowing freely from within
breaking the yoke of bondage
destroying the burden of sin.

Come, step into the river
it will refresh, renew and fill
I will live in my temple
revealing my life, purpose and will.

Guided by its current
immersed in the depths of me
your ears shall be opened to hear
and your eyes that you might see.

Come, step into the river
flowing through setting captives free
the lame shall walk, the dumb talk
and the blinded eyes shall see.

Step in, abandoned to the river
by faith, my plans you shall know
and the glory of my presence
shall be with you where ever you go.

Pat Gregory