From Pat Gregory, Psalmist

I went to bed about 2:30 this morning and laid there praying in the spirit
and never did fall asleep, so I finally got up at 4:00. Normally when this
occurs, the Holy Spirit is wanting to show me or tell me something. So, I
started making a pot of coffee, and while doing so, said to the Lord, speak
Lord, for thy servant heareth.........and he started talking. It's beautiful
what he said, and I sat down and began to write.

-The Holy Spirit said-

I gave my life for one and all
to finish the work from the fall.
You are my beloved, I adore you so
my gifts to you, I did bestow.
I am yours and you are mine
enter in to my glory divine.
My secrets and dreams I will share
and visions plenteous, they are all there.
Much to see and much to hear
for those who will come and draw near.
I am your soul's true delight
so enter in, it is your right.
I long to hold you and whisper in your ear
filling you with my love and banish every fear.
Desire me, my love, as I desire you
my glory shall strengthen, transform and renew.
My glory shall cloth you with splendor and love
and my honor shall cause you to rise far above.
Seek me, my precious ones, as never before
behold me in my glory and your spirit shall soar.
There's beauty and majesty awaiting you here
you cannot imagine, except you draw near.
Press in, my cherished ones, dear to my heart
I await you, yearning, to fill you and impart.

And The Psalmist answered-

Bless the Lord Jesus forever and ever!

I love you precious Master, my Lord and my King,

draw us nearer and nearer and our hearts shall sing.

We exalt you and love you, you are glory divine,

and I thank you wonderful Lord, that you are mine.

We come to you Jesus, to draw from your grace,

renewed and strengthened, to run the race.

Flood us, dear Master, with your presence,

that we would illuminate your essence.

Glory to God in the highest!

What an awesome God we serve.

Let's enter in to his glory!

Have a wonderful, blessed day?

In His Love & Service,