Debra Fields

Date: June 23, 1999

Subject: Spiritual Authority of Women...

I read the article about spiritual authority at the Barsjona site, and your comments as well. God has been slowly releasing me from the bondage of darkness concerning women in the church.

God gave me revelation about a year ago that Paul was not chiefly concerned with the outer regulations as much as he was with the spiritual concept of covering. I read with excitement the part about the men having a head covering, and how it was dishonoring to the Lord to place yourself under the headship of any man. May I add a few things for your consideration?

God revealed to me that the submission of the woman to her husband was a "type" and shadow of how the church is to submit to Christ. Women being a symbol of the church, they are NOT to teach a MAN (spiritually mature son of God) because that is the job of the Lord. And because all people who are "born again" of the spirit become sons of God, then literal women become sons in the spirit--and that is how that we are to recognize one another.

Not by the flesh, (which is the outer covering), but by the Spirit. God's word backs this up by repeatedly refering to believers in the masculine form when speaking of spiritual matters...

This revelation does not contradict any scripture--even Eph 4:13 where it speaks of Christ giving (governmental)gifts to MEN... Christ did not give to children, nor to women (churches) the five-fold ministries, but to mature saints....and when Paul says that women are not to teach or usurp authority from a man, this is also correct, as churches are not supposed to instruct, or rule over, "men".

(I'd like to also define the term 'usurp authority'. I found that this term doesn't actually mean to forcefully seize or steal authority from someone, but simply means to initiate or to work out of one's own prerogative ... which is precisely what the apostate church of today is doing. She is doing what seems 'right' in her own estimation of things, and not waiting on the Lord for His instruction.)

No man has taught me this. I have searched high and low for some kind of teaching along this line, and even the most liberal of ministers have not gone this far with the spiritual type and shadow that teaches this truth.

Would you care to comment on this statement? I have many other things that I would love to share with the meat-eating segment of the church, if you would care to hear.

I also appreciate the confirmation of the 7 types of prophetic ministry. It gives me greater confidence in my own calling, as my gift does NOT operate anything like the usual perception of the prophetic gift as it is recognized by the so-called church today. It operates in the style of Deborah, which is exactly how God called me 5 years ago (but that is another, and very long, story).

Thank you for reading this. I'm glad to see part of the 7,000 that God has reserved that have not bowed the knee to Ba'al...

Christ in us the hope of glory.  Debra