Chosen Servants By Pat Gregory

I want to share with you the following vision that God granted me on 1/28/00.

In a vision I saw a huge white cloud that covered the earth, filling the
entire sky, and in the cloud emerged people, some only heads (with faces)
emerged, and then some were emerged to the shoulders, then others were

I understood this to be chosen servants of the Lord, men and women who have

the heart of the Father, who have suffered much, many trials, being rejected
by man and feeling as though they were nobody's, but in the eyes of the Lord
they are precious. They were immersed in the glory of God, and now coming

They have humbled themselves before the Lord, choosing to please their
Father, and not man. God Himself has exalted them, raising them to fulfill
His purposes in the end times.

They carry His word, and nothing else. The Spirit of the Most High rests
upon them in great power and they shall do mighty exploits.

They fear no one, but their God. They shall walk in the glory of the only
begotten Son of God.

All will stand in amazement, because they do not look the part, according to
churches standards. It will baffle the religious leaders.

The three levels of emerging I saw, I believe indicates where we are as far
as time is about to come forth in the physical realm, because
many were in standing position. The Lord moves in SUDDENLIES!!!!!!

In His Love,

Pat Gregory