Male female Roles In The Word byBrenda Imus

Dear Friends,

THIS is the very thing I have been trying to get people to understand for the past year and a half....yes, I know it is controversial, but I challenge anyone with spiritual understanding to deny the truth contained in this writing. The rest of the parts should be done soon, and I am glad Brenda has the opportunity to present this in such an anointed way. Please don't dismiss this out of deserves some sincere prayer, as do all the things which challenge us in tearing down the 'doctrines of men", that have made the word of God of NONE effect. This is truly one of the things that is God is doing now, and I hope you will all receive this. As always, remember this: God gives us the literal and natural types and shadows of this world, and of the ENTIRE Bible, to teach us deeper spiritual principles...and once the "reality" of that which is Spirit is come, then there is no longer any need for the types.

One other thing...I personally have been asked recently to explain why Christ only chose men as disciples if women were to be considered equally in the process of qualifying those for apostleship. You will notice that Christ also did not choose "children" (male or female) to be part of the 12. Simply put, Christ could not choose women or children for this, because then the "type" that symbolizes a spiritual father would have been broken, and of no use. Christ chooses (spiritual) MEN to rule and reign in His kingdom....not spiritual babes or children, nor "soulish" ones (females). He intends that His kingdom is to be built by those who have come into a measure of true spiritual maturity, and since the woman is always the "type" for the church (on one level) and for the soul (on the next level), Christ was showing that the "church" (as represented by the woman/wife) is to have no authority over one who has matured to the stature of a mature son. Mature sons, however, are to be "over" the church. If one really gets the concept of just what is a woman, and what is a man BY THE SPIRIT, then this is no longer a problem, nor does it in any way contradict the scriptures, once they are understood from the spirit. It gets much easier to understand if you will simply exchange the words "Spirit", or "Christ" where you read the words "male" or "man" or "husband", and the words "Soul" or "Church" for the words "female", "woman" or "wife". IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE MEANING OF SCRIPTURE IN ANY FASHION. But it does resolve difficulties such as Paul allowing women to pray and prophesy in letter, and then say for them to be silent in another. Such things can only be understood by those with a spiritual mind.

Love to you all,