Dear Saints:

The following question was posed to me and some others a few days ago:
 Why we are not seeing the multitudes saved NOW, when many are crying out
desiring souls?
As I prayed and meditated on it, the Holy Spirit gave the following word.
In His Love,

3/15/00 @ 1:18 a.m.

There is a shaking and sifting occurring, a realignment is taking place, that
will usher in My divine order....with the fivefold working in harmony, making
ready my bride.

At present, the church is in a chaotic state. Many do not even know WHO THEY

I have ended the day of reign of religion and the traditions of men. This has
been like a cancer that has had an effect on every area. I do not want any
more of my children aborted before they come to birth. The blind has led the
blind long enough. No more!

I will draw the lowly and the forsaken, the humble and the rejected, from the
dredges of the valley, and compel them to come unto Me.

I came to save that which was lost, but My people reject the lost and shelter
the saved. I will bring low the proud and exalt the humble.

I have declared My word, and it shall not return unto Me void, but shall
accomplish that which I please. I have chosen the foolish things of this
world to confound the wise, and the weak things to confound the things which
are mighty, and base things and things that are despised, I have chosen, and
I will do it.

The angels stand ready to thrust in the sickle. The harvest of harvests is at
the door. This is the calm before the storm. When the storm begins, I shall
flood the earth with My glory through My chosen vessels, and great shall be
the harvest of souls for My kingdom.

Stand ready, prepared for a moments notice, deployment is upon you. A new day
is dawning.

God bless you in everything that you put your hands to for the glory of our
In His Love,

Pat Gregory